Tobii Pro Studio is software used for recording and analyzing eye tracking data of Tobii eye trackers.

Tobii Pro Studio is discontinued
Support for Tobii Pro Studio ends in the August 16, 2019 version of Windows. Tobii will provide support when it concerns technical issues until 2022. Tobii Pro Studio licenses will continue to work. It is advised to only use Tobii Pro Studio for studies that are already using Tobii Pro Studio. New studies should be started in Tobii Pro Lab.

Availability, support and advice

Tobii Pro Studio is available for researchers at FSW Leiden. For managed work computers, it can be requested for at the ISSC through the helpdesk. For lab computers, please contact labsupport. SOLO provides only limited support for Tobii Studio. Researchers are strongly advised to switch to Tobii Pro Lab. SOLO has limited Tobii Studio licenses available, one can be borrowed by contacting SOLO labsupport. All Tobii Pro Studio licenses will continue to work even after it being discontinued. Tobii recommends avoiding doing any Microsoft Windows updates and continue using Tobii Studio on your current Microsoft Windows version.


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