ALICE is the new university-wide HPC cluster that is currently in development. In addition to research, Alice can also be for courses and by students. Currently ALICEdoes not yet support all the features that Shark does (e.g.: hardware accelerated graphics), however implementation of these is planned for the near future. We would advice potential HPC users (who are not working on the LUMC Shark cluster already) to start on ALICE right away, so that a switch later on will not be necessary.


General information:  The best source of information on ALICE is the official ALICE Wiki.

FSW specific issues:  For FSW specific topics, i.e. fMRI analysis, Matlab usage, data-transfer etc, we will provide additional information on the page below.

Accounts & Contact: for all questions about ALICE usage and accounts please contact SOLO:, only for password reset contact ALICE admin directly: