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Digitimer manufactures electophysiological amplifiers and stimulators. At the FSW, several types of stimulators are being used. 

Availability, support and advice

A DS8R stimulator can be borrowed from SOLO through the Helpdesk. DS5 and DS7 devices are owned by the GMN unit of Psychology. SOLO provides limited support for the Digitimer stimulators.

Stimulator types

Below, a list of stimulators used at the FSW is provided:

  • DS5
    The DS5 can be controlled by external software such as Python, OpenSesame or E-Prime. This requires the use of the by SOLO created Signal Generator. More information on how to control the Signal Generator and sample Python and OpenSesame code can be found on Github.
  • DS7A
    The DS7 is set up on the front panel. The pulses can be controlled by external software, such as OpenSesame. A sample OpenSesame task can be found on Github.
  • DS8R
    Digitimer provides ready made Windows software and Matlab integration to control the DS8R. More information and manuals can be found here


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