Researchdata analysis room 1B02

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The researchdata analysis room is situated in 1B02 at the FSW in Leiden. 1B02 is a small room with 5 computers that are exclusively meant for using specialized analysis software (not SPSS). See software available in 1B02 for a list of available software on the pc's in 1B02. LU card access is required to be able to access the room. A computer can be reserved here


See software available in 1B02.

PC 0051822 can only be used for the Observer XT, as other software interferes with the Observer XT (specifically with analyzing certain types of video's). The Observer XT has been installed on the other PC's, but optimal performance is not guaranteed. 

LU card access

LU card access is required when using this room. Access needs to be requested at the Service Desk: Students cannot request for access themselves, their supervisor or the principal investigator of the project needs to request access for them. The following information needs to be sent to the Service Desk:

  • ULCN name
  • LU/umail address
  • LU card number
  • The start and end date of access

Reserving a computer

Please reserve a computer here.


  • Use your LU card to lock and unlock the door. The door does not automatically lock when closed. The room must be locked when nobody is present.
  • When you leave the room, lock your computer by pressing <ctrl><alt><del> and click ‘Lock’.

Using the ExperimentData folder

You can temporarily use the ExperimentData folder on the C-drive. This local folder is accessible via the desktop shortcut or via C:\Users\[ulcn name]\ExperimentData. Please be aware of the following:

  • The ExperimentData folder is a local folder on the computer. The data stored in this folder can only be accessed on that particular computer in 1B02.
  • No backup is made. You should backup your data to a network drive (i.e. J-drive or P-drive) at the end of the day.
  • Your folder and data will be automatically deleted when you have not used the computer for a period of 30 days.


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