PhysioData Toolbox

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The PhysioData Toolbox is a free easy-to-use and fully graphical application for visualizing, segmenting and analyzing physiological data. For more information, please visit its dedicated website.

Leiden University Installation

The PhysioData Toolbox needs the free MATLAB Component Runtime to run, which requires admin rights to install. Leiden University researchers wishing to run the Toolbox on their ISSC-managed work PCs can ask the ISSC to install the MATLAB runtime for them. This should be done through the ISSC's helpdesk portal (Software & web services ⇨ Install or request software ⇨ Request software). Since this is free software, a 0 can be entered in the required SAP field. Make sure to mention which runtime needs to be installed; it is specified on the Toolbox website. Also use this route if you wish to install the Toolbox on a department-owned ISSC-managed laptop.

If the concerning ISSC-issued PC is unmanaged, or you have semi-admin rights, you should be able to install the MATLAB runtime yourself using the instructions in the Toolbox website.

Once the correct runtime has been installed, the Toolbox can be downloaded, extracted and run, as described in its website. This does not require special privileges.

Alternatively, students and researchers at the FSW can make use of the PCs in the Resesarchdata Analysis Room (1B02) to run the Toolbox. These PCs already have MATLAB and various Toolbox versions installed (see the "PhysioData Toolbox" folder on the desktop).

The Toolbox will run fine through Remote Desktop, but is not compatible with Citrix. Additionally, the Toolbox can only be used on machines running the Windows operating system.

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