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OpenSesame is opensource, Python based software used for building and running behavioral experiments. It features an easy to use graphical user interface for basic task building purposes. More advanced tasks are created by using scripting in Python. OpenSesame can be used in combination with physiology and eye tracking.

Availability, Support and Advice

OpenSesame is freely available. At the FSW Leiden it is preinstalled on all lab computers. For work computers it can be requested for at the ISSC Helpdesk. For unmanaged/personal computers, it can be downloaded here

SOLO provides full support for OpenSesame and recommends its usage to anyone who has some experience with Python, or is willing to learn. For highly timing critical tasks, E-Prime is recommended.

Online & OSWeb

OSWeb is an extension of OpenSesame, which allows for Javascript version of OpenSesame experiments to be run online (e.g. on JATOS or Pavlovia). For information about OSWeb, see our dedicated OSWeb page.


For information on using OpenSesame with Tobii eyetrackers, see here.


  • The OpenSesame website provides tutorials and manuals
  • Sebastiaan Mathôt made several Youtube video's about OpenSesame and Python, which can be found here


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