Lab Computers

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FSW Lab PC's

The lab computers at FSW Leiden are managed by the ISSC and have their own lab environment installed. Currently, most lab computers have one of the following environment:

  • Lab FSW
  • Lab Proefleider (experimenter)
  • Lab Proefpersoon (participant)

All lab computers have a folder on the C: drive called ExperimentData. For best performance, it is recommended to run experimental tasks from this local folder. Make sure to move the data to the J: drive (network drive) at the end of each day and to remove the data from C:\ExperimentData.

When you are unsure on the correct procedures of using lab pc's, please contact or contact your lab coordinator.

See the Software list for information on which software is installed on the lab computers.


As of 2021 a new procedure has been introduced for logging into and managing data on lab computers at the FSW. For now it is implemented in the following labs:

  • all Cog psy labs (except for SB10 and most of the Level)
  • 1B43

The quick-start guides for the procedures can be found here:

The full manuals for the new procedures can be found here:

Lab Proefleider and Lab Proefpersoon

Other labs than mentioned above at Lab FSW have a Lab Proefleider or Lab Proefpersoon environment.

The Lab Proefleider environment is usually installed on the pc for the experiment. The experimenter logs into this computer with their own account. Software such as AcqKnowledge or Actiview can be run from this pc.

The Lab Proefpersoon environment is installed on the pc for the participant. This pc has an autologon. Software such as E-Prime, OpenSesame or Tobii Pro Lab can be run from this pc. 

Sylvius Lab PC's

The Sylvius labs are mainly equipped with Optiplex 7000 pc's.

To use the computers in the labs :


Known Issues

23-11-2023E-prime black barsEprime is having problems with the new lab PCs (Optiplex 7000) in the Sylvius labs.
Some objects show a black block and are therefore not usable.
The problem is in the PC's CPU and cannot be solved except by installing an extra Nvidia card.
Nvidia card required. SOLO staff see here for complete solution.


Missing dataI can't find the data in the Lab-Environment and it is no longer on the lab pc (in C:\Experimentdata)

For Lab FSW pc's: You may have forgotten to include the pi.txt file in your C:\Experimentdata\ project folder, or not have included a valid PI username in that file. In which case, the data has been moved to a temporary backup folder. Please contact SOLO at , and CC your PI, to retrieve your data. In the email state:

  • Your name
  • Name of PI
  • Date and (approximate) time that the data was created (i.e. when the session took place)
  • The type of files (e.g. Eprime datafiles, Biosemi files etc)
  • The lab/room number
  • The pc number of the labcomputer, you can find this on the white sticker on the pc housing


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