Research Checklist

Last modified by Jarik den Hartog on 2024/03/21 14:47

Before the participant comes in: 

  • Please make use of the sliding signs on the door, to make it instantly clear that the room is occupied;  
  • If necessary, wipe the tables and chairs with an Incidin wipe; 
  • Tidy up the laboratory; 
  • Check the necessary devices, leads, and electrodes for visible damage. Should you suspect that these are faulty, please contact SOLO lab support; 
  • Check the settings and if necessary, the battery life of the device;  
  • Switch on the monitors before switching on the computers;  
  • Open the necessary software and check the communication for all devices;  
  • Place paper towels or tissues on the table to collect rubbish and gel;  
  • Ensure all necessary supplies are set out, such as gloves, disposable electrodes, gel, etc.;  
  • Ensure that a logbook is available for noting down particulars as and when needed;  
  • Put out the Informed Consent form ready to be read and signed;  
  • Take your research protocol and follow all instructions step by step; 
  • As soon as you are ready, you can receive the participant and carry out the study. Ensure that you continue to work hygienically and safely throughout the study. 

After the participant left (in-between participants): 

  • Throw away all used disposables;
  • Tidy up the laboratory. 

At the end of your research day: 

  • Switch off the devices; 
  • Tidy up all participant paper- and computer data; 
  • Tidy up the lab and control room;
  • Ensure that no personal data is left behind on the computers or in the lab;
  • Wipe the tables, chairs and door handles with Incidin OxyWipe;
  • Set sliding sign on door to free;
  • Close the door and lock it.
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