Tobii Pro Eye Tracker Manager

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The Eye Tracker Manager is free software that is used to manage Tobii screen-based eye trackers. Its main purpose is for setting up remote eye trackers, but it can also be used for calibrating eye trackers or trouble shooting.

Availability, support and advice

The Tobii Pro Eye Tracker Manager is freely available and comes preinstalled on all lab computers (see the Software List to check which version). For FSW Leiden staff it can be requested for at the ISSC through the helpdesk for use on managed work computers. For unmanaged/personal computers, it can be downloaded from the Tobii website.

SOLO supports the Tobii Pro Eye Tracker Manager and its usage is indispensable when setting up Tobii eye trackers.

Setup remote eye tracker

When using a remote (screen-based) Tobii eye tracker (e.g. Fusion, X3-120, X2-60, Nano), the eye tracker needs to be mapped to the screen it is connected to. When the setup does not change (thus, the eye tracker stays connected to the same pc and monitor), this mapping only needs to be done once, but note that this mapping is saved per user. When an eye tracker is used on different user accounts on one computer, the eye tracker needs to be mapped for each user. 



X3-120.pngUse the following instructions to map the eye tracker to the screen:

  • Open the Eye Tracker Manager application.
  • Go to Display Setup and create a setup (click on three dots and New).
  • Select the type of setup (normally a Regular setup).
  • Select the screen to which the eye tracker is connected (only necessary when multiple screens are used).
  • Enter the vertical position of the eye tracker. The eye tracker is normally attached just below the screen, but it is also possible that the eye tracker is placed over the screen. Enter the correct distance in mm.
  • Drag the lines to either the two outer marks on top of the eye tracker (Fusion and X3-120, see image) or the edges of the eye tracker (X2-60).
  • Name the setup (use a meaningful name, which includes the screen and eye tracker type, e.g. Philips_X3-120).
  • Save the Setup.


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