Top panel menu documentation

Last modified by Kerwin Olfers on 2021/03/22 11:24

List of pages composing the menu

The root of the children pages that compose the menu is Content (CustomExtension.TopPanelMenu.Content.WebHome). Every children page should be created on this location and using specific name (with their title custumized).

Below the listing of the pages composing the menu:

  • Links with the page name followed by (Title of the page) and their content: the pages naming  is important.
    (Appear in yellow and large characters, pages that are incorrectly named and must be renamed and / or moved without redirection.)
    • Note:  prefixes names of pages to use are:  Tab -  xx  (Title to modify)  ->  Col -  xx ->  Listitem -  xx  (Title to modify) .  xx is a number to sort the menu items.

Expandable menu structure

The deployable menu is composed of

  • tabs (Tab-xx)

The expanded menu when clicking on a tab displays:

  • one or more columns (Col-xx)
  • and 1 to several links (or text) groups: (Listitem-xx)

All code is in Content and the children pages contain the list of shortcuts (Listitem-xx).

To add a tab in menu (Tab-xx), you have to create a children page, in CustomExtension.TopPanelMenu.Content.WebHome location, named "Tab-xx" (xx is usually a number to sort tabs) and the page title, the tab label to displayed.

To add a column (Col-xx) in the expanded menu, you have to create a children page, in "CustomExtension.TopPanelMenu.Content.Tab-xx.WebHome" location, named "Col-xx" (xx to sort columns). The title does not matter here  eg CustomExtension.TopPanelMenu.Content.Tab-01.Col-01.WebHome

To add a shortcut group ( Listitem-xx ), simply create a children page of "CustomExtension.TopPanelMenu.Content.Tab-xx.Col-xx.WebHome" with the name "Listitem-xx" ( xx to sort groups) and the page title, the title of the links group, eg CustomExtension.TopPanelMenu.Content.Tab-01.Col-01.Listitem-01.WebHome Links are added to this page as a bulleted list.

There aren't terminal page.

To delete a links group, a column or a tab, simply delete the page concerned and its childrens pages.
It is possible to move a group of links, a column or a tab, just move the page and its childrens pages (uncheck redirection) taking care to move it to the correct location ( tree: Content-> Tab- xx-> Col-xx-> Listitem-xx ) and name the page correctly: Tab-xx, Col-xx, Listitem-xx

To navigate in the different pages to create / modify the menu, it is wise to use the breadcrumb.

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