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Using eyetracking, it is possible to create virtual characters (VCs) which are socially aware, thereby responding to eye contact. 

Another option is to use foveated rendering using eye tracking technology.

Tobii Ocumen

“Tobii Ocumen is a premium eye tracking solution designed to enable new capabilities in advanced VR applications. It delivers advanced real-time data streams and filters optimized for the development of VR applications in domains such as health assessment, therapeutics, and research.” (formerly known as Tobii Analytics, info can be found here and here


Ocumen Capable

  1. Pico Neo 3 Pro Eye
  2. HP Reverb 2 Omnicept Edition

Other Devices

  1. HTC Vive Pro Eye

Tobii SDK

A useful guide for getting started with Tobii in VR can be found here. This is regarding the standard Tobii Unity SDK.

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