Last modified by Maarten Struijk Wilbrink on 2021/11/01 14:02


Based on tutorials by GameDevGuide (part 1, part 2, a Localisation tool is currently under development. Implementing this early into your project allows you to easily change the language of any TextMeshPro assets. Audio localisation is also under development.

Obtaining the Package

Instructions for getting the package are below.

This package is dependent on TextMeshPro. Install that through the Package Manager, or let the Dependencies of this package install it for you. 

The localisation package can be obtained through this git repo

If you just want to use the package as is:

  1. Go to the Package Manager in Unity, 
  2. Select the + icon, 
  3. Choose: "Add package from git URL",
  4. and put '.git' at the end of the URL. (or paste: https://github.com/mrstruijk/Localisation.git in the popup)


Since this package is under development, we welcome any improvements to the project.
If you want to do this, you can best create a fork to your own git page, and add that repo as a git Submodule into your main project.
From here, you can commit changes, and file a Pull request once you're satisfied with your improvements. 


XWiki 14.10.13