2021 Test 20H2

Last modified by Kerwin Olfers on 2022/04/29 11:35

Test Report Windows 20H2

AcqKnowledge 5.0.2. (with Biopac MP150)

  • Software started
  • Graph template created
  • Measurement started and stopped
  • Acq file opened with double click

Biosemi 8.0.6

  • Software started

Eye Tracker Manager 2.1.0 (with Tobii X3-120 eye tracker)

  • Software started
  • Mapping done
  • Calibration performed
  • Gaze visualization

Tobii Pro Lab 1.130 (with Tobii X3-120 eye tracker)

  • Software started
  • Screen based project made with different stimuli (still and moving image).
  • 2 Recordings performed
  • Normal recording
  • Recording with moderator view on 2nd screen
  • Tried data visualization tools
  • Metrics and raw data exported to Excel.

Tobii Studio 3.4.8 (with Tobii X3-120 eye tracker)

  • Software started
  • Task created with different stimuli (still and moving image).
  • Recording performed.


  • The eye tracker was not found by Tobii Studio, although it was visible in network properties and was discoverable in Eye Tracker Manager. Tobii eye tracker tool uninstalled and reinstalled, then it worked. Re-roll PC and let ISSC install Tobii Studio.

OpenSesame 3.3.3

  • Software (E-Studio) started
  • 2 Sample tasks run (no audio and video)


  • Not tested, no VU-AMS available.

E Prime

  • Software opened
  • Sample task run (movieRT)

E Prime

  • Started all E-Prime sub software (E-Studio, E-DataAid, etc).
  • Run sample tasks (movieRT, multiple monitors)
  • Tested with dongle (and without network connection)
  • Chronos tested by chronos test task
  • EET tested using EET test task (with Tobii X3-120)


  • When double clicking on runtime file you get Windows firewall message. This depends on package and must be solved by ISSC.
  • When using multiple monitors, the screen freezes. This only happens when the monitors are used in extended mode, not cloned mode. This is a known issue with PST, see here. The Workaround 1 mentioned by E-Prime seems to work well (Disable the Fullscreen Optimizations setting for E-Prime). This setting must be set correctly for all user accounts. Once set correctly, this setting will remain (do not reset after reboot). In the case of PST, examine what exactly this setting entails and whether it does not have other adverse consequences.
XWiki 14.10.13