Sending markers in OpenSesame

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Markers typically signal the onset of significant events in a task. They are sent from the stimulus presentation PC to physiological data acquisition devices such as Biopac or Biosemi and are used to segment the physiological data in meaningful segments.

Sending Markers

UsbParMarker and Eva

The Markers plugin (created by SOLO) can be used to send markers from OpenSesame with a UsbParMarker or Eva device to equipment like Biopac or Biosemi. See Github for more information on how to install and use the plugin. Using a UsbParMarker or Eva to send markers is recommended for Leiden University FSW researchers.


Alternatively, markers can be sent through parallel port. This requires the installation of a driver, which is not installed on lab computers at FSW Leiden by default. When installation of the driver on a lab pc is necessary, please contact SOLO researchsupport. More information on the installation of the driver and how to send markers to the parallel port can be found on Github.

Other devices

For synchronization with other devices see:

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