Nutritional supplements

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Within the FSW it is possible to carry out research in which nutritional supplements are administered to participants (e.g. L-dopa, oxytocin, or Tyrosine). When a study involves high doses of supplements, medicines, or psychotropic substances it may need to be carried out at the LUMC. Medicines can only be administered in collaboration with a pharmacy.

Tips & Tricks

Some general tips:

  • Take into account how long it will take before the supplement or medicine will take effect.
  • When administering supplements/food/drinks, use disposable materials whenever possible, such as disposable cups and individual juice carton, instead of a large carton which has to be kept in a fridge for an extended period of time.
  • Use a cupboard that can be closed and locked when storing medicines.
  • When supplements/food/drinks need to be refrigerated, it is important to keep them in a designated fridge. If in doubt, always consult the lab coordination or SOLO. Food and drink may NOT be kept in a fridge in which bio samples are also kept.
  • Ensure that you clean up after any spillages of supplements/food/drink.
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