As of 2021 a new procedure has been introduced for logging into and managing data on lab computers at the FSW. For now it is implemented in the following labs:

  • all Cog psy labs (except for SB10 and most of the Level)
  • 1B43

The quick-start guides for the procedures can be found here:

The full manuals for the new procedures can be found here:


Missing dataI can't find the data in the Lab-Environment and it is no longer on the lab pc (in C:\Experimentdata)

You may have forgotten to include the pi.txt file in your C:\Experimentdata\ project folder, or not have included a valid PI username in that file. In which case, the data has been moved to a temporary backup folder. Please contact SOLO at , and CC your PI, to retrieve your data. In the email state:

  • Your name
  • Name of PI
  • Date and (approximate) time that the data was created (i.e. when the session took place)
  • The type of files (e.g. Eprime datafiles, Biosemi files etc)
  • The lab/room number
  • The pc number of the labcomputer, you can find this on the white sticker on the pc housing


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